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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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...I believe.

I believe that these are not just "stories".

I believe that these are fundamental statements about who we can be if we choose it.

I believe that we have the potential live lives that are beyond amazing.

Sometimes I forget that though.

I work in a job that I hate because I have to.

I live in a country that every day seems to slip a little further into a kind of hell that I once thought was a thing of the past.

And sometimes I just try and get through the day without wanting to blow my brains out.

But then something like this comes along, and I am reminded of how much potential we have. While it is true that in some ways a story changes nothing, in so many ways it changes everything.

So thank you Kirsten for seeing so clearly into that world and sharing what you saw. Thank you for reminding me why I still believe that all hope is not lost.

Peace, and long life to you.

You know, I do this work alone in the quietest place I can find, and there are so many nights when I wonder if it matters beyond the joy that I take in writing and the extra security getting paid to write provides. Of course, it matters to me. And of course I am immensly gratified when people respond positively to what I have written.

But I have never before had someone reflect back so clearly to me in their words what was in my heart when I wrote mine.

There is something almost shocking in it, and at the same time quite humbling.

Your experience of Star Trek in all of its incarnations and of the world we are currently living in, as well as your personal journey, both spiritually and day to day is an absolute mirror of mine. I too have worked jobs I hated because I had to. I too have been driven to near despair by so much if what is happening around us. And I too, have taken inspiration from stories, Trek and others, that have been lights in the darkness to me.

On some level I have always known I wasn't alone in this. But as you said, there are times when that is easy to forget.

I think, now, that those times might be fewer and further between in the future, and that is testament not only to what you expressed here, but also the simple elegance with which you said it.

You have given me a tremendous gift tonight. One that I can never really repay. You have my most sincere thanks, and I too wish you peace and long life.

With hope,
Kirsten Beyer
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