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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

There are enlisted people in our armed services (and I think in Trek, O'Brien is an example of this type) who become NCO's--kind of like a grade five garesh, in your story--and definitely garner serious respect for this. I've always thought one of the best examples in fanfic, that I've seen, is TheLoneRedshirt's Solly Brin. Definitely a character who commands respect, for sure!

In our military, a new officer, who is smart, will consider what they are told by senior enlisted men and women. Ultimately that officer has to command, and to make their decisions, but disregarding the experience and advice of someone who's seen and done it all, without considering it first, isn't smart.

Capable people are needed in all positions--I agree on that with Tarkan. I would just rather he feel that he's in a position because it's a good fit for the right reasons (being able to make a difference because someone else can't do what he does as well...and it's critical, because people literally live or die according to his decisions, regardless of whether or not he's an officer). Not because he thinks he isn't worth recognition.
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