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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I have a feeling that at least Taret noticed that and understood what it meant. But I imagine Jarol didn't notice at all. I wish, though that instead of only seeing weakness, she could've seen that it's possible to develop coping mechanisms and learn to function. If one can manage even with a bona fide medical condition aggravating matters, then there's a way forward for her too.
I don't think it was a matter of noticing, but of understanding what she saw. She saw him on a verge of some attack and then composing himself. I'm not sure she would draw a line between that and her own recent experiences with panic. She doesn't think of him like that (the guy who averted his own attack) and certainly not in these difficult moments.

Don't other gareshes answer to him? And aren't gareshes the majority of the Guard? Without them, the Guard stops.
They are a nameless, faceless mass in armour. (I know it's not what you meant but it's the other side of the same coin.)

Where the Guard makes a mistake is not scrutinizing the garesh ranks to look for people who should be given an education and then greater opportunities. I don't know about the military where you're from, but that can happen in the US military, that they do look for officer candidates among the enlisted. You have to be really good, but if you are, you can go to Officer Candidate School.
I know some mechanisms in my country, but not enough to say how it is in every case. So I don't know if this approach applies too, or not.

Tarkan tried to do something about smart gareshes and appreciate them and their work. I think it works, but some old notions are still there. Tarkan's goal isn't to take smart gareshes away and make them officers, leaving only "average" people on the lower decks. He wants smart gareshes too, because they are needed where they are.

Aladar believes in an old stereotype and applies it to himself.

Do you remember that Garesh Dalar promised himself that if they survive the attack on Rayak Nor, he would apply for accepting Aladar to the Damar Guard? The process is long, takes weeks and sometimes months, and in addition Aladar has no idea about it, but imagine his face if he'd learn. He would be surprised, because all he does is just his work. He doesn't consider his exemplary work and cleverness anything above average, he thinks he's just like many other gareshes.
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