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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Well, right now she is so shattered that she's all but a warrior. If anything, it would be proof to her that someone not cocky cannot fight, because it ends with panic attacks.
One thing that does make him a little different--though I'm not sure if she really noticed this--is that in addition to the PTSD, he has had an actual mental illness since adolescence, and on his world, in his culture, he has not only received medication but been trained in how to deal with some of his symptoms in other ways, too.

It's interesting to note that Taret wasn't the one who stopped AU Dukat's panic attack. Dukat knew how, and did it himself. I know Jarol lacked that training, but now, having experienced such attacks, I think it could be hard for her to imagine being in the middle of one and just closing her eyes, breathing slow, saying something to herself, and stopping it.

I have a feeling that at least Taret noticed that and understood what it meant. But I imagine Jarol didn't notice at all. I wish, though that instead of only seeing weakness, she could've seen that it's possible to develop coping mechanisms and learn to function. If one can manage even with a bona fide medical condition aggravating matters, then there's a way forward for her too.

On one hand a garesh is a soldier, so should be respected, but on the other hand he is a non-officer, so not smart enough to become one. Why to be only a lowly garesh, if you could become a gul some day? As a garesh, he is a "lower grade" of a soldier. As a garesh, he is from mundane work and taking orders, not issuing them.
Don't other gareshes answer to him? And aren't gareshes the majority of the Guard? Without them, the Guard stops.

Where the Guard makes a mistake is not scrutinizing the garesh ranks to look for people who should be given an education and then greater opportunities. I don't know about the military where you're from, but that can happen in the US military, that they do look for officer candidates among the enlisted. You have to be really good, but if you are, you can go to Officer Candidate School.

Aladar considers his duties important but he knows that few people understand how important these duties are. Still, he doesn't think he could become a gul and he doesn't think he could make an officer. He believes everyone has their place and he has his--adequate to his abilities.
If there were only guls, there would be no one left to command.
Of course, not everyone should be a gul. That's why my Glinn Yejain has not pursued a promotion past glinn, and likely will not do so. He feels like he is doing what is right for him where he is.

But, Aladar...some guls might be misplaced. Who's to say they all deserve to be where they are just because they were someone's favorite son or daughter?
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