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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I wondered if that would change, now that she's experienced this breakdown. Now that she knows she's not invulnerable, I wondered if it would become a little easier for her to imagine that he is able to fight the way he said he was even though he carries in him the effects of the traumas in his life.
Well, right now she is so shattered that she's all but a warrior. If anything, it would be proof to her that someone not cocky cannot fight, because it ends with panic attacks.

I don't think she would apply it to him, because she doesn't think of that side of him (a fighter), but she would tell you that she is unable to do anything and certainly not to fight. She is vulnerable = she is useless as a fighter; too scared, too weak, too undecided.

But I had thought that once AU Dukat came, that changed for him. Once his commanding officers learned how smart he was, and gave him the chance to show his smarts. And I'd also thought that Tarkan's reforms were going to make things better too, that he shouldn't have heard comments like that anymore, and that he would instead receive lots of recognition.
It was long time ago. Besides, the appreciation of him that comes from Jarol, Brenok, Tarub and Dalar doesn't change the general image that gareshes have.

On one hand a garesh is a soldier, so should be respected, but on the other hand he is a non-officer, so not smart enough to become one. Why to be only a lowly garesh, if you could become a gul some day? As a garesh, he is a "lower grade" of a soldier. As a garesh, he is from mundane work and taking orders, not issuing them.

Aladar considers his duties important but he knows that few people understand how important these duties are. Still, he doesn't think he could become a gul and he doesn't think he could make an officer. He believes everyone has their place and he has his--adequate to his abilities.
If there were only guls, there would be no one left to command.
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