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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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But IMO she wasn't like him and the difference isn't only in their family life. He wanted power for himself, for his own glory. Her motives were different. She never dreamt to be so powerful and was overwhelmed and scared when it finally happened. They are absolutely not the same.
I don't think she's a total sociopath the way Dukat was. On that I agree. With her, I think there was a lot more self-deception going on, and at least something in her telling her it wasn't right (as you know, I believe Gul Dukat pretty much destroyed his conscience, and you actually see a symbolic representation of that moment in The Desolate Vigil), though she chose not to listen and chose to blind herself to alternatives. The coup is the most flagrant example because the number of other options is really quite high. Whether all of her was into it, I think she mirrored Dukat's behavior. Even the way her subordinates acted...I think there is a very, very fine line between loyalty and hero worship. That line was crossed with nowhere near the frequency it was with Gul Dukat, but I do believe there were two or three occasions where it was crossed, at her encouragement.

I don't think she could imagine him in armour
I wondered if that would change, now that she's experienced this breakdown. Now that she knows she's not invulnerable, I wondered if it would become a little easier for her to imagine that he is able to fight the way he said he was even though he carries in him the effects of the traumas in his life.

When someone, even one someone, treats you like a moron for a sufficiently long time, you start to believe it. I know from my own experience. And while Aladar is a clever guy, he too many times heard something about him (as a garesh, not particularly personal) to start thinking that it's correct.
But I had thought that once AU Dukat came, that changed for him. Once his commanding officers learned how smart he was, and gave him the chance to show his smarts. And I'd also thought that Tarkan's reforms were going to make things better too, that he shouldn't have heard comments like that anymore, and that he would instead receive lots of recognition.
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