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Re: Does James Cameron Owe Poul Anderson Money?

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I was pointed to some information on the Ellison suit: it was the Starlog Interview in Issue #89 where Cameron allegedly said that he based it on Harlan's episode in the Outer Limits, and the production company had that stricken from the published version, but Ellison learned of it. The only Outer Limits episode mentioned in Ellison's suit was "Soldier" as far as I can tell.
Ellison gave an account of the events in this interview.
Thanks Kelso. You saved me the trouble of doing a Google Video Search. I hadn't seen this video for over a year, but I did remember it.

After watching it, I decided to look at another Harlan Ellison video interview on the list on the right side of the webpage. Here it is. Harlan is funny and he speaks the truth. He reminds me of the stand-up comedian Lewis Black in this short interview.

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