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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Here is the process I go through most of the time while creating
custom character commissions.
Stage 1.
Pick out a character template from my created Blanks.
Print it out to be used as a under drawing.
Stage 2.
With the template as an under drawing I sketch up on a
light box what I want the character to look like.
I usually use a non repro blue pencil at this stage.
Stage 3.
Place the Line drawing back on light box and ink the character
Most of the time I leave the face blank as I did with this
one so I can create the face later in Illustrator.
Stage 4.
Scan the Black and White image into the computer and clean
up the lines in photos. Then I copy the image into Illustrator
and use the Live Trace Function to get my Vectors created.
Stage 5.
I start to import the extras that will be in the image like the phaser,
Terran Empire Graphics and Grid.
Stage 6.
I color the image in Illustrator.
Stage 7.
With this character I look for a image of William Shatner from the 60's
where I traced his Eyes. with the lips I tried to match the off center
appearance that the reference photo had.
Stage 8.
Send to client for approval.

That is pretty much what I do.
Sean P. Tourangeau
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