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Re: Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

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Well, the Bell 222 was way prettier than the hacked up bug-eyed Gazelle (?) they bashed Blue thunder out of.

I watched Airwolf all the way thru not too long ago. Yeah, it was rife with stupid 80s plots (another paramilitary desert slave compound!?) and bad acting, but the things they did with that beautiful helicopter were amazing - MAN those stunt pilots must have had a ball!
Completely agreed. Not only was Airwolf one very sleek, badass looking helicopter, but it actually growled when it flew! I mean come on, you can't beat that.

And yeah, there were some cool dogfights in that show that are still kinda thrilling to watch. My favorite was when they'd show Airwolf on screen with a much faster jet and have it actually appearing to chase after it (at least for a few seconds, lol).
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