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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

I will be sending Jeff the schedule tonight for his approval and review.

In addition to the filming of "The Night" on location, we'll have one evening of shooting on the bridge set. OR if it looks to rain out a day's shoot, we could move to the bridge set for the day. For this, we'll need Stephanie Burke, Doug Harper as well as the Potemkin landing party.

And if that's not enough, we'll be shooting "The Devil in the Details" on July 9th at One Trick Pony here in Albany. I've scheduled the bar, and while we'll be filming in the AM at Radium Park, we'll be hosting food and softdrinks for everyone at the bar. This shoot is one of those that's going to take a couple of hours at most, and everyone will be invited to attend. This episode will focus on Mario Pagan, G. Douglas Harper, Eric Moore, Stephanie Burke and our two guest stars, one of whom is John L. who will be a Klingon Bartender, and another who will play a rather unique visitor to the bar. If scheduling looks to be tight, we'll forego filming at the park that morning.
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