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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I am very glad to see Gul Jarol finally break Gul Dukat's spell on her. That anger she showed towards him really proved that she is learning to see clearly. I wonder if she will learn to see the other areas where he influenced her? Before the assassination, I think she really got very close to being like him (except that her family life was not tainted). He, just like her, decided that he knew what was best for every Cardassian and he could just point a finger and make it happen the way HE wanted it to happen. Or maybe that's what she's seeing in herself now...

I imagine that now, the contrast between the two Dukats she's met couldn't be more obvious. I'm sure that even if she pictured AU Dukat in armor--even imagining him getting a haircut!--the difference would be blatantly obvious. (That's if she could even get as far as to picture him in armor in the first place!)

I LOVED how absolutely sanctimonious and sick the Federation looked here. And boy did they deserve it, too. For being spies and being able to watch people die without lifting a finger.

(Oh, and Zamarran's "number between two and four" line was AWESOME. )

That said, it's certainly easy to understand where the misunderstanding of the Cardassians' intentions came from. The Cardassians have a track record of abuse. And then had a coup, and isolation. To Federation eyes, it would look like the Cardassians were never humbled by their defeat and never faced up to their evil past. We know they changed, but not only does the Federation not know, but the Cardassians felt, during the isolation, that the Federation was unworthy of knowing.

I wonder if Ram has any authority over the people at the "duck blind." I hope so, that she can give them an order. Otherwise, these "scientists" seem like they could really get out of control.

Though I did like how Aladar pointed out that they'd managed to insult their own guards at the same time they tried to insult him!

Overall, the insight into Aladar's past was wonderful. I was sad to see that he still undervalues himself so badly, though. Not very clever?! He just didn't have time to study, that's all. I bet AU Dukat, if they could've talked while he was on the Roumar, would've given him a very serious (but not at all mean) talking-to, about that mindset. Remember...AU Dukat only has a few months, maybe even just one month of college education, and that's it. While I know Macet did finish his education, and probably "Mrs. Macet," too, a lot of the people AU Dukat works with ended up with their opportunities cut short, too, like he did. (I'm not even 100% sure AU Damar finished high school.) Most of what he knows is either from high school, or self-taught. He wouldn't want to hear someone else in a similar situation--whose plans were derailed by hardship in life--being so down on himself.

I want to give Aladar a hug. I don't care that he doesn't have a piece of paper saying that he graduated from college. He shouldn't think all he can do is "eat" books.
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