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Re: Does James Cameron Owe Poul Anderson Money?

I just finished reading Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson without prior knowledge of James Cameron borrowing from it. The first page struck me as oddly familiar. After that the similarities to Avatar are unnerving. Yes, James ripped avatar from Poul Anderson and at the very least should give the man credit. This story was written in the 50's, the man was born in 1926, he was ahead of his time. Anyone who thinks that old Sci-Fi writers do not deserve credit are horribly uneducated people, and it just illuminates the current trend of decay in our society. I watched Avatar once and that was enough for me, I cringe when I hear the term Sci-Fi attached to that piece of hyped fantasy. Real Sci-Fi fans know the difference. James took liberties with a decent Sci-Fi story and added tree spirits, love, evil vs good and destroyed any semblance to Mr. Anderson's original. But adding those painful to watch Fantasy elements doesn't absolve Cameron of plagerisim. This should be made public, the man is a fraud, and allowing word trolls like him to use the term 'original' is akin to an evil parent rubbing lemon juice on a childs open wound, it's abuse of power. Now I know why I disliked Avatar and wanted 3 hours of my life
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