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"Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film!

Now that production on Stan Woo's classic fan film is back under way, we felt it was time to start a new thread that concentrates on the film's ongoing development. This thread will help keep everyone up to date on the film's general progress.


Producer: Stan Woo
Executive Producer: Jem Ong Woo
Supervising Producer: John Atkin
Associate Producer: Teresa E. Victor
Screenplay: Dov Schwarz, Stan Woo, and Paul McCudden
Director: Ronald Lennstrom
Second Unit Director: William Allison
Assistant Director: Irv Weiss
Editors: Kyle Wilson, Juan Kalafatovich
Cinematography: Gaston Biraben
Art Direction: Roger Whiter
Costume Designer: Kathy Pillsbury (concepts by Stan Woo)
Sound Designer: Theodore McClendon
Music: Christopher Barr
Special Effects: Roland Baron
Production Illustrator: Andrew Probert

Cast: George Takei, James Shigeta, J.J. Silvia, Stan Woo, Wil Rodriguez, Lance Williams, Teresa E. Victor, Kathy Pillsbury, Joseph Kerezman, Bob Whiter, Roger Whiter, Alan Salopek, Brian O'Brien, Tina Hovath, Steve Goodpastor, Patricia Ann Cochran, John Atkin, Jesse Tebbs, Ashley Lotecki, Ron Boyd, Liam Collins

Characters: Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Lt. Commander Hikaru Sulu, Captain Bradley Frame, and Lt. Jeffrey R. Pond, to name a few.

Timeframe: Era between ST:TOS and ST:TMP.
Sets: Mostly locations and some sets.
Quality: Rank Cintel Scanned Super 8 Film.

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California, USA (1985-1987); Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2010-Present).

Plot Summary: Having escaped capture by the Klingons, a damaged Starfleet reconnaissance probe crashes undetected on the planet Pahl III. Hikaru Sulu, serving as first officer on the retrofitted USS Yorktown, is sent by Admiral Nogura on a secret mission to help locate the missing spy drone. In order to prevent a catastrophic war from igniting with the Klingons, the USS Yorktown (under the command of Captain Bradley Frame) races against time to find the lost drone, with orders to conceal its existence. At the same time, a terrorist group called S.H.A.R.K. discover the drone's location, and plot to steal the device and use it for their own nefarious means.

Running Time: 22 minutes.

Originally shot from 1985-1987, and on hiatus since 1987. All pricipal photography completed. ADR is partially completed. Visual Effects currently in development by VFX artist Roland Baron. New music being produced by Christopher Barr. Current digital technolgy is being used to finish the film. A script is currently being prepared to incorporate new changes made during post-production. Screenwriter Paul McCudden ("From the Earth to the Moon") is currently finishing the script.

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