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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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How does it compare with the Polaris experience (which looks really impressive, btw..)?

In an important respect it's been really similar.

I wanted to make another film because the creative and social experience on Exeter was wonderful. Everyone was having fun; everyone was committed and working hard and the atmosphere on the set was great. It was exciting. The only ego issues we had were one or two later, in post-production, and they were resolved or resolved themselves.

The esprit de corps on Polaris has been similarly amazing - everything I could have wanted. We've all become friends and we're having a great time (though I think we'll all be relieved when we wrap - you just want to cross that finish line, you know?). I've never seen a more creative, inventive and devoted group of people. No ego problems, no real territoriality.

Can it be real different? Yeah, believe me - I've seen enough backbiting, gossip and broken promises in some other situations that I don't take this for granted. We had one falling-out, which I very much regret, in preproduction. Since then, it's been delightful.
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