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Re: Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

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Well, the Bell 222 was way prettier than the hacked up bug-eyed Gazelle (?) they bashed Blue thunder out of.

I watched Airwolf all the way thru not too long ago. Yeah, it was rife with stupid 80s plots (another paramilitary desert slave compound!?) and bad acting, but the things they did with that beautiful helicopter were amazing - MAN those stunt pilots must have had a ball!

And yeah, the pretty, bullet-proof mach 3 chopper full of retractable sidewinders () will beat the ugly, non-bullet-proof slow chopper with the greenhouse on its nose, every day.
Yeah, that's the truth. Got fed up when they slashed the budget and you got the same shot of the same rocket hitting the same cliff face each week. It also went off the rails when Hawk stopped being the sensitive loner who played his cello and started being a regular guy who played the guitar and banged the bimbo of the week. The end of the cold war also didn't help.
Loved Jean Bruce Scott though
Best ep, Moffat's Ghost, love the scene where Hawk does his kamikaze dive at the end to knock out Airwolfs infected computer, best use to the awesome theme music ever
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