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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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As Paul6 said earlier in the thread, even in the TOS Spock had at least one love affair (with Leila Kalomi) which, according to the episode, took place 6 years before the episode. Coincidentally, this would be about the same time that ST09 takes place. . . now here's the fun part. . . because the Enterprise launches later in ST09 than it did in TOS, Spock (and Pike) are teaching at the Academy instead of in the middle their 11 year mission, so Nu!Spock may not have even met Leila, but he meets Uhura at least 9-10 years before he does in TOS, at a time when he was open to relationships. . .so, there is no 'self-censoring' and no real contradiction with the TOS.
There doesn't appear to be any indication in "This Side of Paradise" to suggest that "... even in the TOS Spock had at least one love affair (with Leila Kalomi) ...". Certainly nothing of the sort that NuSpock and NuUhura have. If anything existed it seems to be completely one-sided at least in terms of displayed emotions. Indeed the evidence confirms that Spock's behaviour is no, or very little different, six years earlier, to what its is in TOS.
6 years prior? Around about Ponn Farr time? I suspect Leila just woke up after a fabulous all-nighter to a formal 'Dear John' letter.
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