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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

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People talk about his films, sure, but I don't think he would be considered "controversial"; maybe circa Reservoir Dogs, but his style has become thoroughly mainstream by now. He directed an episode of CSI, for Christ's sake.
I recall watching a latenight discussion show on the BBC when Reservoir Dogs came out, they were discussing increasing violence in films. One woman in the audience piped up that we were on a slippery slope and "how long before films like Reservoir dogs was shown on television?!"

The presenter indignantly slapped her down claiming that such a film would never be shown on British network television and that such an eventuality was not only unthinkable but ridiculous. It made its UK network debut, uncut, just 5 years later.

Amazing how fast mainstream attitudes have changed in such a short period of time. It's the same with so many things, all that is required to change people's life-long held opinions is exposure, and when the world doesn't collapse around them they just stop worrying about it.
So it goes.
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