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ENTER! TNG Avatar Contest #35: The Dauphin

I am gonna go ahead and help Tom Riley out with this...if he or anyone else doesn't mind.

Thank you for all those that participated in the previous contest, Here;
Congrats to Orac, Gary 7 & Skywalker!

This week...

Episode: The Dauphin
The Enterprise hosts a young world leader and her mysterious chaperone. Wesley soon falls in love with the young leader. Guest stars Paddi Edwards as Anya.

TNG Theme: Out Of Uniform
Any shots of our beloved TNG crew not in a uniform.
As chosen by Gary 7.

Random: In Memoriam
If you will of your favorite character(s), from anything, who sadly didn't live to see the end of the story.
As chosen by Skywalker.

TrekBBS Avatar Rules Apply
The maximum size of your custom image is 140 by 140 pixels or 140.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

I think this is a bi-weekly? It has been so long since I hosted. So...10 days to enter and 4 days of voting. Till The Sunday the 12th to enter and poll will go up Monday the 13th.

The winners will get...

The Golden Data, designed by Klaus. The winners will also get to chose the next TNG Theme and Random Theme.
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