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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Not 'forbidden' in the sense that someone else was stopping him. More like, 'self-censored'.
As Paul6 said earlier in the thread, even in the TOS Spock had at least one love affair (with Leila Kalomi) which, according to the episode, took place 6 years before the episode. Coincidentally, this would be about the same time that ST09 takes place. . . now here's the fun part. . . because the Enterprise launches later in ST09 than it did in TOS, Spock (and Pike) are teaching at the Academy instead of in the middle their 11 year mission, so Nu!Spock may not have even met Leila, but he meets Uhura at least 9-10 years before he does in TOS, at a time when he was open to relationships. . .so, there is no 'self-censoring' and no real contradiction with the TOS.

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I wasn't even thinking of that episode... I was thinking of 'The Naked Time', actually.
The "Naked Time" only proves that Christine has feelings for Spock, and that he is sorry -- not because he doesn't have feelings, because his next scene obviously shows that he does (crying because he never told his mom that he loves her and all) -- that he does not (not can not) return her feelings, because he doesn't like her in the same way...the virus stripped him of his emotional control, if he had in any way, shape or form wanted Christine, he would have gone back to her (see the spores in "This Side of Paradise)...

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