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Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

In 1983, Columbia Pictures released a science fiction/action thriller(well a science fact/action thriller)with a serious social commentary behind it. One involving the access to personal information from an unlikely source(precursor to the internet)and the misuse of Government hardware at the hands of corrupt government offcials.

What the 1968 police thriller 'Bullitt' did for car chases, John Badham's Blue Thunder did the same for helicopter chases and shootouts over the cesspool city known as Los Angeles.

A year later, Universal Pictures released a television series about another U.S. Government, military issued stealth helicopter known as Airwolf. While Blue Thunder dealt with local law enforcement, Airwolf dealt with 'international law enforcement'.

Like the foolish debate between Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, the controversy between the movie Blue Thunder and the television series Airwolf has been an on-going one.

The question is, which is better? If not, who would win in an aerial duel to the death?

You have Frank Murphy(Roy Scheider)in the Blue Thunder corner and Stringfellow Hawke(Jan Michael Vincent)in the Airwolf corner. Two experienced pilots and Vietnam veterans who don't back down from illegal opposition.

Who would win and which production do you prefer?
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