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Re: David Slade Will Direct Daredevil for Fox

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Daredevil's rights should've reverted to Marvel so he could appear in Avengers 2 as Hulk's defence lawyer after he tears up Manhatten.
I wonder how close to the mark a movie can come to having a cameo by a character that they don't specifically own. I wonder if having a blind lawyer simply referred to as "Mr. Murdock" in a brief part would be a violation? After all, IIRC, Magneto's plastic cell at the end of the first "X-Men" movie was clearly built by "Stark Industries", even though FOX had zero rights to Iron Man.
It was. I haven't re-watched that in some time. Where is the phrase "Stark Industries" used in conjunction with the plastic cell? I'm curious to have my memory jogged.
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