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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I'm working on a new illustration for Polaris that incorporates all of the current design features. The idea is to make a final pass of refinements in 2D (where it is much faster and easier) so that I can streamline the remainder of the 3D modeling process as much as possible.

Many of you have expressed interest in the process I use to draw an illustration like this, how I get things in the proper perspective, how I do my linework, etc, so I have decided to post WIP images along the way much as I just did with my entry for the monthly Trek Art contest. Rather than try to explain each step of the process, I'm just going to let the images speak for themselves and try to answer questions, if any, as they arise.

That's somewhere around 3 hours worth of work, a large part of it devoted to the cleanup in the last image. I also have to confess I cheated a little by using the existing 3D model as a visual reference, though everything here was drawn freehand, not traced, while eyeballing the model on a separate monitor.

I'll post more of these in the days ahead, but I'll also be working concurrently to incorporate these features into the model, so you'll probably see a mix of the two.
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