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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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^ While Fergie had me shouting to make his 3rd sub in the form of Michael Owen for ages, I still think axing the most succesful football coach in modern history is probably not the right option. Fergie won't leave till he wins a 4th European cup now, after losing the last 2 after wining the first 2, he will make Roman's obession at Chelski look like childs play.

I refuse to believe Pep is a world class coach because Barcelona play for themselves they need very little direction. Also when Barca do begin to struggle Pep seems lost at sea like in the Copa Rey Final and last season CL Semi Final with Inter...even the Chelsea CL semi when the ref saved Barca after Pep just ran out of ideas.
Aoplogies - I didn't mean axe him - his domestic success is unparalleled, but in Europe the tactical side of game seems to elude him at times, and that is probably why a 3rd CL title will probably elude him.

442 with Carrick and Giggs in the centre vs Barca? Park tucking in to help but even he ran out of steam, Hernandez over Berbatov in a 2 up top? Omitting Berbatov for Owen even on the bench?

It did seem to leave a of space for Barca to exploit - I thought 4-2-3-1 and deny them the space and hit them on the break - something Utd excel at pace and are experienced in playing like.

Re Scholes - superb player - 'dodgy' tackling apart - and, despite being a Liverpool fan, I have to admit he's been one of the top midfielders of his generation - and also an advert for how a modern footballer can behave and act off and on the pitch.

Good luck to him, and it'll be a good grounding for many a young player to learn from him in the future in his coaching role.

As for FIFA - 'elections are to be decided by secret ballot', 'wages are not for public knowledge', 'FIFA contracts are behind closd doors', 'Blatter may donate gifts and money as he sees fit through the GOAL fund' - are far from the transparency called for by fans, the media and the 'football family' sponsors - and soon, even the Swiss Government.

FIFA is a actually a charity - perhaps all of it's 208 member associations should publicly vote on everything FIFA decides and wants to do - instead of select executive committees who operate in secret and are seemingly corrupt doing as they see fit. All 208 members' reps should declare any potential conflicting interests in their businesses and personal lives - and all contracts to 3rd parties should be publicly disclosed and no more secret payments. Also, representatives of fan groups should also be part of FIFA and have voting rights along with the 208 member associations - for too long the fans have had little or no say in how the game is run, the ticket prices and treatment of fans at these events. That'd make a start.

If they stay as are, they may as well renamed themselves Thiefa.

and, yes, the English FA are corrupt too.

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