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GodBen - I have to give Notch props for taking care of bugs in a fairly prompt manner. I think its just the way he just tends to add features in a random, half-assed sort of way, then just seems to forget about them. Wolves, the Nether, Achievement, that sort of thing. They're good ideas, but they only seem half finished.
You'll get no argument from me, I think that he should have spent the next few updates after the halloween update working on adding new things to the Nether and the new biomes, but instead he worked on multiplayer and he has barely addressed the Nether since. At least biomes have gotten some love over the last few months, what with the new trees, weather and long grass, but I still think they need unique mobs. Perhaps they're coming in the adventure update.

And maps definitely still need some work. He promised that you could set their zoom level, but he threw that out at the last minute because it was bugged, and he suggested that they would be wall-mountable, which I'm still hoping for.

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Ben, what's that you're holding? Looks like a shield.


Oh and apparently the new use for bonemeal is to be able to repopulate areas with grass patches.
Actually, that was the original suggestion he thought was a good idea, but he didn't do it. Instead, using bonemeal on grass creates an area of long-grass with the possibility random flowers. In the picture, I'm holding bonemeal and showing off my new patch of long grass.

Now I just need to update my mob trap to get more bonemeal, it only half-works now because glass next to water no longer sucks mobs down.
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