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Re: VOTE -- TNG Avatar Contest #34: The Measure Of A Man

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Episodes are in order, and the theme winners choose the next themes. Tom Riley posts the entry & poll threads.
For now, but with the schedule the addition of a second job has put me on I might need to find someone to take over for me.

And the winners!

Episode Theme: The Measure Of A Man

Orac............. . . . . .

TNG Theme: Playin' Poker

Skywalker & Gary7.....
& . . . . .

Random Theme: Resurrection

Skywalker..... . . . . .

Congratulations to Orac, Skywalker, and Gary7! Skywalker and Gary7 may choose either the new TNG theme together or decide between themselves which of them will choose the next TNG theme, and Skywalker may choose the next Random theme. Thank you to everyone for entering!
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