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Is everyone happy now?

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
3.5GB?? Wow, that's huge.
Yeah, I think it caused the game to lag when launching just by being in the saves folder.

The problem with the current map system is that it's just too low res for it to be close to useful. I made a map and then was wandering around town with it trying to map it and I couldn't recognize anything on the map unless it was huge like Robert's arena. I like the mechanics of the system though. I think it's brilliant. But unfortunately I don't think the low res is something a zoom feature would fix. It makes me wonder why Notch bothered to make a map feature if it was going to be like that. Now, if we could take the maps and put them up on our walls as unique wall hangings, that'd be cool.
My whole village is just a group of grey and brown blobs. My bridge and walls don't even show up on it.

I'd say that maps have a use in the game, but they'll never be a replacement for a detailed third-party mapping program. They'd be useful early in the game to help get your bearings, and they'd be useful if you built your base far away from spawn and can't rely on the compass to find your way home. Being able to place them on walls would be perfect.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Yet another half-baked Minecraft "feature." Maybe Notch should try working on stuff that's useful or, better yet, fix the damn bugs.
He spent the last month fixing most of the bugs, and he spent the last few days fixing the most recent bugs. He's far from perfect, but hes doing okay.
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