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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I think that, if CBS are indeed remastering TNG, they will take every precaution not to screw it up. It's in their best long-term interests to make sure they do it right.
On that point, I agree. However, I don't think that CBS-D has the talent to do it in-house like they did with TOS-R. TOS-R was a fun way to revisit the series and I'm happy to own the blu-rays. However, the CGI was lacking in many areas, most notably in the the lighting, and made many of the shots poor to downright bad. However, it's difficult to argue that they're not an improvement on a technical level (but not an artistic one) over the effects that were being replaced. 40 years of special effects advancements will have that effect!

However, that's why I don't have high hopes for this project if it's done in the same manner as TOS-R. CBS-D didn't show the artistic ability to come close to matching the lighting and detail of the original shots that are present in TNG. I've been rewatching TNG and for the most part, there is nothing really wrong with most of the effects, except they're stuck at a low resolution. CBS-D, from what we saw from TOS-R is going to have a hard time even coming close to replicating the effects in CGI. Preferably they'll farm it out to a better f/x house, but more than likely they'll just do it on the cheap, and people will complain about it for years.
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