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every time i run the game i get get told java has run out of memory?.

hangon just relised i've got a 32 bit version of java and my machine is a 64bit would that be the problem?
Probably. I had the same problem a few months ago, but back then I used to crash to a black screen every 20 minutes or so because Notch didn't add the warning about memory until 1.6 (I think). I had somehow installed Java 32-bit when I got a new harddrive last year and replacing it with Java 64-bit stopped the problem.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I downloaded the Earth map, where 1 block is equal to 1 nautical mile, to try it out and it was 3.5GB when uncompressed. The biomes are a little screwy due to ice forming, which means that a large swathe of the North Atlantic is now an ice-sheet.

(Image rotated to put north at the top.)

I set out to cross the Atlantic last night and it took me 9 minutes to reach Newfoundland. Then the game started lagging like crazy, so I had to stop.
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