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ENTER! VOY Avatar Contest: Projections

Thank you for all those that entered & voted in the last contest, here;

Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
And we have our winners!

In the episode contest, Jetfire wins with Nog - I mean.... someone who's not Nog.


In the VOY Theme Contest, yours truly wins with my "Hey Baby! I'm dead sexy!" Vidian.


In the Random Theme Contest, yours truly takes another Golden Neelix with my lovely Wonder Woman entry. And I must say, it was good to see DC dominate this contest.

New contest...

Episode: Projections
The Doctor becomes delusional after an accident, causing him to believe that he is a flesh-and-blood person and his time on USS Voyager is a holodeck program.
VOY Theme: Other Series Characters
Any instance of a crossover appearance by a character from another Trek series.
As chosen by Admiral Shran.

Random: Memorial Day
Anything honoring any veterans.
As chosen by Admiral Shran.

TrekBBS Avatar Rules Apply;
Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 140 by 140 pixels or 140.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
Will do 4 days to enter not counting today and 3 days of voting. Until Thursday the 2nd to enter and the poll will go up on Friday.



VOY Theme.