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Re: Federation Civil War

Not necessarily. At least not by bad guys. I think by now, Starfleet would have learned to make their science vessels more capable of standing up to punishment from belligerent vessels, telling by how many phasers the Nova has, which is also a surveyor (and so technically one of the replacements of the Oberth class), unless the Nova is just a variant of the surveyor type (ie.: a new type of surveyor meant to go on missions closer to hostile space; the standard surveyors stay away from dangerous territories). If all else fails, this ship is smaller, probably more agile, and most likely capable of warp velocities above warp 9.0.

Anomalies on the other hand will always be dangerous. You can try to increase the power of your shields, you can have ablative armor, you can have deployed armor, you can try to make in-depth scans half a light-year away before heading close to one. But anomalies will continue to be difficult to predict, and will occasionally prove to be deathtraps, no matter how advanced, sturdy, tough, or durable your ship is.

If in doubt, you can always send in a probe (unless that cursed interference trashes that plan).
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