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Re: Gene Roddenberry's "Starship"...

The plot of Starship originally had some similarities with Andromeda, didn't it?

Majel Roddenberry: The same similarity as with Star Trek! We stole parts of Starship deliberately for Andromeda. We stole names, we stole titles. They were all Gene's, so it didn't matter. We'll be doing that probably until my deathbed. If something works with a particular story, let's use it here, and save this other element for another place.
There is no story to tell you yet, not on Starship. I could go into what we had before, but it's not going to be the same, it's not even going to be similar as a matter of fact. The original idea was about a bunch of scientists, but that was when they were people -- they're no longer people! We always end up with a captain and a crew, there will be in this case. But remember this: we only have one or two humanoids in it. We've got a bug for a lead! I really can't tell you a Starship plot summary because that particular part of it is changing daily. The last time I went to a meeting, Stan said, this is not really going to work with what we have in mind for over here, so the story hasn't been turned in yet.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BW Entertainment Wire)--Oct. 20, 1998--Vancouver-based Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. (TSE:MFE), a leading producer of CGI animation for television series, interactive media and motion simulation rides, has acquired the rights to Gene Roddenberry's Starship(TM). Based upon an original concept by the renowned creator of Star Trek, the property will initially be produced as a 3D CGI-animated television series, with Mainframe retaining ancillary rights to exploit the series in all media.
The treatment for Starship was developed by Majel Barrett Roddenberry and John Semper and was written by Semper. Both will serve as the series' executive producers as will Mainframe's CEO and Vice Chairman, Christopher Brough and President Ian Pearson.


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