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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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It's been done before with polls from the official website asking which episodes fans liked the most for the Fan Collective DVD sets:
Star Trek - Fan Collective: Borg
Star Trek Fan Collective - Time Travel
Star Trek Fan Collective - Captain's Log
Star Trek - Fan Collective: Q
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Klingon

now on that website's forum there are polls asking:
Best Season of TNG

Best TNG two-parter

Poll: Remastered TNG
Is it time to remaster TNG with improved special effects and space scenes yet?

It's possible from these polls some best of TNG Blu-ray would come out first instead of season 1's 25 episodes totalling 60 hours.
Its possible because some fan favorites were done for the TOS-R episdoes first.

OMG...2nd season is coming out on top of the poll so far??? Thats crazy, it was by FAR the worst!

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