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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 3: Part 4

Quinn, Stacy, Tiffany and Joey were walking on the lower floor of the HSIE block. “So far, so good, nothing has happened this lunch time,” Stacy said.

“But we have to be vigilant, Stacy. Sandi may wish for something unusual at any time. Also, don’t forget that most of our fellow students have heard about Jean and/or the emerald by now,” Quinn said.

“They maay taake the emeraald off Sandi?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, and there is no telling what would result from that,” Quinn said.

“But, what about Jean’s mischievousness?” Joey asked.

“That’s one reason why we must be vigilant, Joey,” Quinn said.

“I guess so,” Joey said.

Then Jennifer’s wish was granted.

“Oh no! Not again!” Stacy exclaimed.

“Great, and Ms. Li is up and about! Quick, somehow, we need to get her out of the building and initiate the plan!” Quinn said.

“Oh no!” Stacy exclaimed, prior to fainting.

“Tiff, bring Stacy. Joey, help Tiffany. I’ll try to find Ms. Li,” Quinn said.


“Cool, Quinn,” Joey said as he held one of Stacy’s shoulders.

Quinn was already quite ahead of them, practically bouncing off the walls, floor and ceiling.

“But how is she going to get Ms. Li out of the building by herself?” Joey asked, confused.

“Stacy? Staceee?”

Andrea was surfing the internet from a workstation on the library’s upper floor, when the gravity went out. ‘Great! This is going too far. What is that Sandi up to?’ she thought. Feeling nausea, she slowly ‘walked’ away from the computer.

Jennifer reached the bottom of the stairs and grabbed the door. She looked back. She saw that Sandi was not yet following. ‘But she will,’ she mused. She looked out into the corridor. She could see a mass of students struggling to move in the zero g environment. She crossed the corridor to a classroom and went inside.

Elias watched Sandi struggle to follow Jennifer towards the stairs. He then slowly moved in the opposite direction.

Jennifer exited the building through the window and then watched for Sandi through the classroom.

“What is going on?” Kristen asked.

“Oh,” Jennifer said, and filled Kristen in on what had occurred.

“The genie, we must find her,” the Head said, in distress, a minute after the gravity had gone out.

“Enjoy this experience whilst it lasts, my friend,” Upchuck said.

“I don’t want to enjoy this experience!”

“Feeling sick?”


“hmm, I will try to help you outside then,” Upchuck said.


Brittany, Daria and Jane exited the cafeteria and went towards Ms Li’s office.

Sandi got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Jennifer outside through the classroom. She slowly moved out into the corridor and closed the door. She jumped off the door as fast as she could.

“Sandi is coming,” Kristen said. Jennifer handed her the emerald.

“Take it, I’ll hold her off!” Jennifer said.

“Are you sure?” Kristen asked.

“I am sure,” Jennifer said, as Sandi approached the window.

“Ok,” Kristen said, she ran off, towards the library.

Sandi then exited the window feet first. As she cleared the building she somersaulted forwards and landed on her feet with only a slight stumble. Also as she cleared the building the gravity was restored inside.

“Give me that emerald!” Sandi deadpanned.

“Kristen has it,” Jennifer said.

‘The Head’ and Upchuck fell to the floor as gravity resumed.

“Ow! But that is better,” ‘The Head’ said.

“I need to find that Jean!” Charles said. He growled “Feisty!

“Take me outside first!”

“Of course,” Charles said, as he started leading his friend towards the exit into the quad.

Daria, Jane and Brittany were approaching Ms Li’s office as the gravity resumed.

Brittany and Jane landed on both feet, but Daria landed on her behind. “Ouch!” she exclaimed. Jane helped Daria to get to her feet.

“The gravity is back!” Brittany said.

“But there is no telling how long that would last,” Daria said.

Brittany twirled her hair “You’re right!” she concluded.

“And Ms Li may already be aware of the happening,” Jane said.

“True,” Brittany said. They continued towards the office.

Quinn fell as the gravity resumed.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed. She then got up and continued running down the corridor, dodging people as she went. “Excuse me!”

The shock of falling brought Stacy to. Joey and Tiffany were relieved. “Now, to follow Quinn,” Joey said.

“How maany more times, are weee going to float?” The effects of being weightless made Tiffany more confused than usual.

“Guys? Where’s Quinn?” Stacy asked, wondering where Quinn had gone.

“She went ahead to try to get Ms Li out of the building,” Joey said, his voice showing his confusion.

Stacy could hear his confusion. “Let’s go and help her,” she said.

Chip and Anna were still near the library. They had argued and were now looking at each other uncomfortably.

“Give me that emerald!” Sandi deadpanned, shortly after she had exited the building.

“Kristen has it,” Jennifer said, with some hesitation.

“Great!” Sandi exclaimed. She looked and saw Kristen near the library, heading towards the science block. “Is this like, a conspiracy or something?” she asked. ‘wouldn’t surprise me,’ she thought.

“I don’t think so,” Jennifer said.

“I think it is!” Sandi said. ‘She is definitely hiding something.’

“It isn’t,” Jennifer insisted.

“Right,” Sandi said, she then attempted to run off, and would have, had not Jennifer tackled her...

Charles and the ‘Head’ exited the Science block. However, the running Kristen crashed into Upchuck and dropped the emerald!

“Ms Leung-Bell, I didn’t know that you cared!”

“Leave me alone, Upchuck!” Kristen growled, whilst ‘The Head’ shook his head. She then realised that she had dropped the emerald. ‘If I have lost it, maybe Sandi won’t find it,’ she thought. However, she didn’t want Upchuck to have it either... ‘That would make this situation worse for all the girls...’

“What have you lost?” It wasn’t Upchuck. It was Kristen’s friend Cindy Brolsma, whom was walking up behind the uber-unpopular male and his Alien Invasion cartoon fan friend, from the Science Fiction club informal meeting (which had broken up following the gravitational negation).

Neither Kristen nor Cindy noticed ‘The Head’ blushing in embarrassment as Cindy approached.

Kristen decided to get it out into the open. She looked at Cindy and said; “The emerald, the cause of all this mess. Jennifer gave it to me, and then I ran into Heffner Junior here.”

Upchuck grinned ‘If I find it first, I can wish Jean here!’ he thought. Of course that was not all he thought...

‘The Head’ started backing away. He didn’t want to mess with powers beyond his comprehension (and he didn’t want to embarrass himself [any more than he had possibly had already] in front of Cindy, not that he would admit that, of course).

Charles, Cindy and Kristen started looking for the emerald.

Brittany, Daria and Jane arrived in front of Ms Li’s office, at the same time as Quinn. Quinn was panting. “Eeeewww! Sweat!” she said. She noticed the other three. “Good, you’re here. I don’t have to get her out by myself.”

“Good,” Jane said.

Brittany opened the door and looked into the badly lit mess. The others followed her. “What happened here?” Jane asked.

Daria flipped the switch, the light didn’t come on. “No idea, but it looks like everything in here is broken,” she said.

“She isn’t here!” Brittany squeaked after some looking.

“Nine thirty five,” Jane said, looking at the clock.

“Quinn, wouldn’t you say that was shortly before we got here before recess?” Daria asked.

“That would be about right, Daria,” Quinn said.

“Yes, Quinn, we got here about Nine forty, and smelt the knockout gas. I guess that whatever happened that it happened at nine thirty five,” Daria said, as she leaned against the desk.

“Great deduction, Morgendorffer, but where would Ms Li be now?” Jane asked.

“Not sure, but the most likely place would be the faculty lounge,” Daria said.

“Good idea,” Jane said. She agreed that was the most likely place where Ms Li would be. She and the Morgendorffer sisters left the office.

Andrea exited the library and saw many students exiting the building into the Quad. ‘That is to be expected,’ she thought.

Sandi and Jennifer were still fighting on the ground when Mr DeMartino came up to them “Well, Well, what do we have here? Ms Burns and Ms Griffin, mudwrestling!” He said, almost shouting. He was secretly amused by the antics. Anyone who would knock Sandi down a few notches was good in his book (Although Jennifer rarely got above a C in History, that at least was a lot better than Kevin!).

Sandi let go of Jennifer’s hair and jacket and got up. “Mudwrestling, oh no! I’m dirty. My clothes are ruined!” Sandi whined. “She turned to Jennifer, who was getting up. “This is all your fault!” she accused.

“It is not! You have been irresponsible with that emerald! Bringing it to school and letting the genie be mischievous!”

“Me, irresponsible! You are the one wishing for zero gravity!” Sandi said.

Enough!” DeMartino said.

The two quarrelling teens turned to the history teacher.

“Tell me that you know where that emerald is, Sandi!” DeMartino said.

“You know about it?” Sandi asked.

“Of course I do, Ms Griffin. I’m not stupid, like a certain QUARTERBACK!

“Oh, yeah, like earlier,” Sandi said, as she remembered Mr DeMartino asking her to wish the classroom clean after recess.

“Now, where is it?” DeMartino asked.

“Kristen Leung-Bell has it. She went in the direction of the Science Block,” Jennifer said.

“Very good, Ms Burns, Let’s go,” he said. They started going in that direction, and Sandi ran off ahead.

“Wait!” Mr DeMartino said.

“No use, events are out of control,” Jennifer murmured as Sandi ran around the Library.

“What was that, Ms Burns?”

“Events are getting out of control. Yesterday at recess, that was what the genie said always happens.”

“Interesting,” Mr DeMartino said.

Brittany, Quinn, Daria and Jane approached the Faculty Lounge at the same time as Tiffany, Stacy and Joey.

“Ms Li wasn’t in her office?” Stacy asked.

“No, her office was a mess, and she was nowhere to be found,” Jane said.

“Sand-di did wish thaaat the stuff in theeere would break,” Tiffany said.

“Oh, yeah,” Stacy said.

Daria looked at Tiffany.

“Whaaat? I do take notice sometimes,” Tiffany said.

“Right!” Brittany said.

‘Just a lot of the time,’ Daria thought. “When would you say that this was?” she asked.

“I wasn’t paaaying attention to the ti-ime!” Tiffany said.

“Nine thirty five,” Stacy said. “The second hand reached the twelve as the minute hand reached the seven, when Sandi completed making the wish.”

“Completed making the wish? What else did Sandi wish for?” Jane asked.

“For Ms Li to fall asleep and for her to get lost if she attempted to look for Andrea, Torii or myself,” Stacy said.

“I guess that may have happened, she has gotten lost,” Daria said as she opened the Faculty lounge door.
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