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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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Well, I have my doubts that Geoff Johns actually wrote his Smallville episodes to begin with. Other than a story outline and first draft, I find it unlikely given his schedule that he'd sit through doing multiple drafts.
The WGA has stringent rules about who gets script and story credit. No, every word might not be his, but for him to get a teleplay credit, he had to write a certain percentage of the script.
True, but there are examples of "known" writers having their scripts re-written to various degrees and the rewriters not being given credit in order for the "know" writer to get the credit (presumably for promotional purposes).

Add to that that nearly every script gets a rewrite/pass by the head writers of a show, and, usually, regardless of the changes made, the initial writer gets the credit.

I can see the Smallville writing staff working it where Johns gets sole credit.

Not saying that did happen, but that I can see them doing that.
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