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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Splashed out on my first ever DSLR and went for the Canon 550D with a 18-135mm lens in the box. Got a great deal on it, as they've released the 600D this March. Stretched my legs with it earlier this evening, and it looks just fine, factoring for my rather basic skills.

For Goliath and Holdfast... happened to stroll by this place as I made my way to Covent Garden:

I've been passing it for years, and it's surprisingly well populated!
Hey, any shop that advertises "life preservers, swagger canes and swordsticks" in its signage deserves to be well-populated! And seriously, the staff there are really helpful.

One day, I will have to see if they sell Penang Lawyers, just for the hell of it.
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