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Re: Isaac Asimov?

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It's just a detail that may not occur to the reader on even the second reading of Foundation.
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Actually it did occur to me once I read EoE.
I believe the point is supposed to occur to the reader upon reading The End of Eternity, where the point is made quite clear. I was saying that I think the need for the point to be addressed is not necessarily apparent in Foundation itself.

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In particular, there is nothing in Foundation that depends in any significant way on The End of Eternity.
Do you mean Foundation in particular or the series as a whole? Cause the later books in the series, particularly Foundation & Earth show strong ties to the Robot series whereas his early ones don't.
I mean both. The tie-in between The End of Eternity and the Foundation series has nothing to do with robots.

Some might consider it a major spoiler to mention, because it's just so damn cool.

I'll be back in ten days. Thanks for a great topic all.
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