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Re: Isaac Asimov?

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The last Asimov novel I read was The Gods Themselves, and I couldn't even tell you what that was about.
In a nutshell, it's a metaphor for pollution.
More to the point, it was Asimov's response to the conventional wisdom that he couldn't write about aliens or sex.

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You certainly can't go wrong with any of his works. One thing to note though, is that he eventually tried to tie all of his stories and series together, probably one of the first attempts of world building on a big scale, and likely due to his publisher.
If anything, Asimov's efforts to unify his separate works into a single universe were a rather late example of that process. Multiple authors had done it before Asimov started doing it. Larry Niven's Known Space universe came about because he wrote a story in the late '60s that drew on elements from two of his previous, formerly unrelated continuities. Poul Anderson had merged his van Rijn and Flandry series by the '70s at the latest. Other authors like Heinlein and, I think, Pohl had extended universes established in the '60s.
Hmm, I hadn't realized that. I guess then it started to become popular to do that. In some cases, it can work well, others not so much though, and my opinion is that Asimov's work kind of feels forced and doesn't really work all that well being unified.

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