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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

I hadn't bought a new watch in a very long time. Don't really need another one (have a handful of nice ones)... but I'd been wanting to get a watch that I could wear in the water and not have to worry about. Then somehow I was reminded of the Casio G-Shock. And so I went looking around on-line...

What the HELL? Casio went nuts since the last time I bought a G-Shock (in the late 80's)... there appear to be many dozens of G-Shock models to choose from, in different colors too, and many more different ones in the past (since discontinued). It's a world that I didn't know existed. They even have a line for women called the Baby-G.

Anyway, I found a used one for a terrific price off "that auction site", a Gulfman GW-9100. It's a super looking watch, light weight, and highly functional. Solar recharged. Atomic synchronization. Pretty cool what they can do with watches these days.
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