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In college I noticed that there's a certain Hemingway-esque-ness to Asimov's prose; it's not just the emphasis on conversation, it's the use of active verbs to drive the story forward.
Interesting, seeing as how I enjoy Asimov's prose style but hate Hemingway's. Eye of the beholder.

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As progressive as it was, for a television program, Star Trek was pretty old-fashioned compared to literary SF in the late 60s. That's why Forbidden Planet seems like an episode of TOS, despite being made in 1956.
Well, naturally. SFTV is almost always a decade or two behind prose SF. The only exception I'm aware of is Max Headroom, which was a cyberpunk show just a few years after the term "cyberpunk" was coined. ST was progressive in that it introduced a television audience to prose-SF concepts and approaches that TV hadn't previously caught up with.
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