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Re: BBC Original British Drama

Today the BBC Press Office have announced the commissioning of 7 new shows for next year.

Anthony And Cleopatra, 6x60 series, written by Sally Wainwright and made by Red Production Company
New series for BBC One about love and second chances, set in the autumn years of two old school friends. Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, unexpectedly fall for each other when they meet again after nearly 50 years. Their relationship is a celebratory tale of the uplifting power of love at any age. But this is also a story about family, and about history. Both Alan and Celia have families, and with family comes baggage.

Savage, new series, written by Stephen Butchard, made by BBC Drama Production
A young, honest, Liverpool beat cop witnesses the brutal murder of his closest friend and is torn between his desire to protect his family, his sense of duty to the public and a sudden, intoxicating, compulsion for revenge.

May Day, 5x60 serial, written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip, made by Kudos Film and Television
When a young girl goes missing, feared dead, the community in which she lives looks to one another for answers. Four of the girls neighbours fear someone within their family may be involved. A sophisticated thriller about suspecting those closest to you of committing an appalling crime.

Inside Men, 4x60 serial, written by Tony Basgallop, made by BBC Drama Production
Inside Men is the story of three employees of a security depot who plan and execute a £15 million cash heist. Told entirely from their perspective, our protagonists are not seasoned criminals – just honest, hard working men who see an opportunity, weigh up the risks and take a leap.

Restless, 2x90 serial, written by William Boyd, made by Endor Productions
Adaptation of William Boyd's award-winning book about a young woman who discovers her mother was a British spy in theSecond World War, specialising in espionage in America

Bert And Dickie, 1x90 single, written by William Ivory, made by BBC Drama Production
Just six weeks before the final of the 1948 London Olympics, Bert Bushnell and Dickie Burnell are teamed together to race for Olympic gold in the double sculls. This is the uplifting story of their achievement and how London managed to pull off a brilliant, if make do and mend Olympic Games at a challenging time for the city and the nation

Noah, 1x90 single, written by Tony Jordan, made by Red Planet Pictures
The retelling of the classic Noah's Ark story, told from a very human perspective.
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