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That's cool, I just started a new goal today of gaining 15 lbs in the next 3 weeks. Sounds extreme but I'm eating like a horse and lifting like crazy. Lots of milk, eggs, pizza, ice cream, pasta, bacon, beef, chicken, fish, whey, that sort of thing. Even fast food is fair game - just no candy. The whole 'eat anything just lift like crazy' seemed to work for Christian Bale for Batman Begins, so...

I was off my normal routine for about 2 weeks from having gone to visit the family after finals and then to the GF's for 10 days. Went to her gym but that was just to prevent complete atrophy, didn't accomplish anything major.

My decline bench max dropped from 230 to about 200... but overhand pullup max up from 30 to 31 (marginal) and decline row up to 110 from 100. So back somehow stayed strong. Legs got stronger... leg press to 560 from 510. Did a shitload of walking through DC, probably why.

But I'm at 140... down from 145 a few weeks ago when my bench and curls were highest. So I'm hoping to hit 155 in 3 weeks - at least 150. The eventual goal is 160 but GF is coming and that'll screw up my routine. Any major lifestyle changes and I just can't keep a crazy routine going.

Taking some new stuff... bought some hydrolyzed whey formula and some more casein... so gold medal whey before workout, hydro whey after workout, casein and hydro at night... jacked, gatorade prime and creatine before workout... T-accelerant and Opti-Men vitamins at breakfast and dinner. Animal Pak after workout but before dinner. Eating every 2 hours (4-6 times depending on when I get up). Might pick up some more Nitrix, I always liked that. Counteracts the vasoconstriction in Jack3d and caffeine.
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