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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

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This is the first time I'm hearing this and it's too late to edit the post, unless HopefulRomantic can get into it?
HopefulRomantic can! What's a moderator for, anyway?

And if you find other thread links, I'll add 'em.
I have searched threads with THUG and T.H.U.G. in the title and nothing has turned up.
Well, you could have looked at post #2 of the last thread and found two links. The post I worked on FOR A WEEK at your urging to figure out how to post links to the older threads. Is someone suffering from Connor on the Brain?

Okay, maybe not a week. I do remember several edits trying to get it to work. Maybe it was a half hour that seemed like a week.
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