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I haven't played Minecraft for about a month, so I decided to give 1.6 a whirl:

  • Beds are still bug riddled (random monster attacks and still resets the weather counter) so that's a big negative.
  • Maps put east on the top, which is annoying as all my cartographs are set to have north as the top and I'm used to thinking of my world that way. I'm hoping that this is some sort of bug and that Notch will fix the orientation, but some people think that this might have been intentional as maps used to be this way before sanity prevailed and Europe was put sitting on the rest of the world.
  • Hatches are useful. They certainly fit in better than a tiny room with a door when you want a ladder to the roof.
  • The most interesting thing that happened was that a large section of water that had been generated pre-biomes turned into ice.

Mostly, 1.6 seems to have fixed a bunch of small bugs that I barely even noticed while not fixing the main bugs I wanted sorted. Maybe in 1.7
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