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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Good Lord, that's expensive! And they just got into the PL, yes?

Over here, College Football (of the American variety) has got fleecing the fans down to an art. To get the privilege of getting on the waiting list for season tickets, you must make a donation to the University (the bigger, the better). After ten years or so, you then pay a seat reservation fee and, on top of that, you pay face-value for 8-9 home game tickets ($54 per game now, probably $70 by the time you reach the top of the list). My dad has season tickets in a 102,000 seat stadium, and I just don't have the stomach to ask him how much he pays for those tickets!

Sorry for the diversion, back to your regularly scheduled football discussion.
at my university, the student prices are half of what the general public tickets cost. At the Texas A&M vs Arkansas State game a few years ago, it cost students 35 dollars to go to the game (think liverpool vs northampton in terms of who should win, and who actually won).

For conference games, general admission tickets would cost up to 100 dollars for our rivalry game against texas.

of course, there are usually only 7-8 home games a football season, compared to at least 19 home games for EPL.
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