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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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A couple of umbrellas (one for home, one for office).
Any particular make or intriguing details? I like nice brollies, so I'm curious. I can picture you getting interesting ones, from unusual materials or with carvings.
Nothing so decadent, unfortunately. I'm a very large man--both tall and wide--so I need a very large umbrella, and only golf umbrellas do the trick.

I do want to pick up a nice one, at some point, for when I'm dressed up, and I welcome any suggestions. But right now I just need to keep off the rain.
Sure, fair point, and golfing brollies are big enough to do that best.

If you want a dressy one at some point, the usual suspects are Smith, Brigg and Fox. I have a Smith myself, their one-piece/solid-stick version. The extra good thing about them is their shop is wonderful to browse, and they'll also cut the brolly to your specific height for no extra charge (important for a shorter fellow like me!)

Shipping to North America for brollies is unreasonably expensive though (due to the odd dimensions) so I'd wait until you're next in the UK before getting one unless you can find a US/Canada supplier, and then carefully check it onto your flight back. Talarico is an Italian maker well-known for their quality umbrellas, if you happen to be in Italy before the UK.
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