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Re: Summer Season's New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows (cable)

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For example, the BBC version vamps didn't appear to have any powers. No superspeed, no super strength, just the bloodlust, the immortality and the ability to be in sunlight, which the US version also shares.
Along with a lot of other pre-cinema vampires, including Stoker's Dracula. The thing about sunlight killing vamps was invented by the silent film Nosferatu in 1921, only 90 years ago, but people swiftly forgot that it hadn't always been part of vampire lore. The power of the mass media.

The main vamp guys are portrayed differently as well. In Buffy terms, Mitchell's seems more akin to Spike, while Aiden seems more akin to Angel.
I would've said the opposite, at least going by season-1 Mitchell. He seemed a lot more committed to reforming before finally falling off the wagon late in season 2. But the US show's Aidan seemed a lot quicker to indulge his vice, at least in the few episodes I saw.

There are some major differences between Annie the ghost and Sally the ghost that are noticeable off the bat.
Such as the fact that Sally has a special-effects budget and can do things like levitating or disappearing in a swirl of ethereal vapor rather than just a jump cut. Although it seems Sally took far longer to develop the ability to touch and manipulate objects. And character-wise she isn't as girlish or neurotic as Annie -- which makes her relatively dull.
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