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Re: Summer Season's New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows (cable)

I always find it funny when I read something like that, because it is the "happy-dippy tone" of Eureka and Warehouse 13 that have made them two of my all time favorite shows. If had to pick between more dark BSG (another favorite of mine) type shows or light, fun Eureka/Warehouse 13 type stuff I would pick the later by a long shot.
Fine by me, I'm the opposite. Why should it be "funny" that everyone in the world doesn't have the same tastes as you? It would be a lot stranger if it were not that way.

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I'm skeptical about everything skiffy does. It's all such garbage anymore. If Alphas takes the same happy-dippy tone that Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven do, I won't be watching for long.

I could never get into The 4400. I really have no sense of whether I'd like a show because Behr is involved, minus everyone else who worked on DS9.
Being Human USA isn't that bad, but the original BBC version is definitely better. Maybe because I've seen 3 seasons worth of it.
I don't like the American version at all, so I doubt I'd like any other version of that story.
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