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Re: BBC Original British Drama

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I just want to say that The Shadow Line is one of my favourite shows on right now. Great cast throughout, especially Rafe Spall and Stephen Rea, and the always excellent Eccles. Great plot that keeps you on your toes constantly, which I like very much. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

I also caught The Field of Blood which was a surprising gem with another great cast (hello to David Morrissey) and interesting plot. Also saw (and liked) Exile earlier too - John Simm, Jim Broadbent and Olivia Colman all on fine form.

Did anyone see United, the dramatisation of the 1958 Munich air crash? I liked that programme too, although I thought Dougray Scott's portrayal of Matt Busby seemed a little... strange.

Overall, between these shows and an enjoyable series of Doctor Who, this is proving to be quite a fascinating season of programmes. Bring on Torchwood!
There's been a lot of chances to say hello to Auntie David lately. He's in Blitz, too.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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