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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Hey, I'm fairly new to watching the PL, but what are the chances that United or Arsenal make a run at Tim Howard? I know that both need a top choice goalie (Especially Arsenal), and Howard certainly has the skills. Or do you think that Howard's worth too much to Everton for such a move to happen?
Howard used to play for United. We got rid of him once, so I doubt we'll be wanting him back.
Ah, thanks, I didn't know that.

Considering that, I doubt he'd want to return to United. But Aresenal is got to be hurting. From what I read, they brought back a guy who was retired to be their backup.

Of course, Tim is probably quite happy at Everton. It's a very stable, good team.

Anyway, thanks for humoring this American. I'll slip back into lurking mode now.

I think Howard's a good keeper, and whilst Everton are a good team, I think a lot of that is down to Moyes because they have so little money to play with. If/when Moyes goes I fear Everton will drop like a stone (or like Villa)
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