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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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That's pretty retarded.
Fan theory (which I agree with) is that the films will be bookended by scenes with Ian Holm as older Bilbo reading "There and Back Again" to young Frodo.

More on the Benedict Cumberbatch casting

With Benedict Cumberbatch unofficially joining the cast of The Hobbit, early reports suggests he will be the voice for Smaug.Early reports suggest Cumberbatch will voice the dragon character Smaug but the actor refused to specify his role, insisting, I cant say at the moment, thank you very much.

A red-faced Freeman later told reporters, I knew I was a sort of a big mouth but I didnt realize to what extent I was a big mouth, and Ive just ruined everything. I might not actually go back to a job they might have just sacked (fired) me.
We might not get to see Freeman and Cumberbatch interact face-to-face, but I can already imagine the verbal squabble between the two as Bilbo and Smaug. Bring it on!
So, no Nimoy then...

I can live with Cumberbatch though.
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